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Solution Components

Loan Application

Loan application portal to take new loan applications

Origination & Underwriting

Automatic loan origination tasks and underwriting criteria’s

Funding & disbursement

Funding from balance sheet of Including investors


Flexible in repayment schedule with multiple options


Automating effective collection strategy for delinquent borrowers

Enable real-time collaboration between lenders and borrowers throughout the small business loan origination process. For example, borrowers can upload documents directly to lenders using the online portal.

Loan restructuring provides options to ensure small business customers are retained: extend loan terms, defer payments, change interest rates, adjust principal, waive interest, or change repayment amount. Retain customers and avoid delinquencies.

Multiple small business loan types can be developed in days, not months: Term Loans, Short-Term Loans, Business Lines of Credit, and Equipment Finance.

Create an intuitive borrower experience that includes: online and mobile support, minimum documentation requirements, clear disclosures and acknowledgments, the ability to collaborate with the lender, and the ability to get near real-time decisions and funding within 48 hours.

Borrower Experience

Digitally engage your customers with a modern, intuitive, and personalized borrower experience. Provide online applications and tools that delight and empower your borrower throughout the credit lifecycle without having to write any code.

Online Lending

Originate small business loans more quickly and profitably by managing the loan application process, making credit offers, collecting required documents, and electronically signing and executing loan agreements online.

Accelerate Credit Underwriting and Analysis

Out-of-the-box credit analysis, financial spreading, and risk analysis capabilities allow you to digitize risk management processes and accelerate credit underwriting.

Expedite and Automate User Tasks

Increase speed and efficiency throughout the credit lifecycle by automating redundant tasks and accelerating manual tasks using configurable workflows.

Monitor Credit Risk

Proactively manage small business exposure, monitor covenants and exceptions, perform loan risk reviews, and automatically risk grade your small business customer relationships to evaluate and manage ongoing credit risk.

Loan Communication

Facilitate real-time communication and collaboration between lenders, loan team members, borrower entities, and vendors throughout the credit lifecycle. Messaging and communication is 100% trackable and auditable.

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