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CL Originate™

Originate. Underwrite. Innovate.

CL Originate™ is a customer-centric, agile loan origination and underwriting platform for banks, credit unions, lessors, and alternative finance companies. From the submission of the application through disbursements, CL Originate manages the entire origination and underwriting process including loan file management, workflows, auto-decisioning, parties management, credit memo, credit analysis, approvals, and covenants. CL Originate is completely configurable and cloud-based allowing financial institutions to get to market quickly and stay competitive.

Streamline origination and underwriting processes, resulting in lower costs and faster decisions.Create online lending products with a great customer experience that can work with a wide range of loan types.

Efficiently manage the large number of tasks, documents, and parties required to underwrite complex loans. Manage approvals, work queues, and automated and manual tasks across multiple departments.

Configurable workflow rules ensure that required tasks are completed and required documents are collected, distributed, and signed. Manage the workflow between departments and manager approvals.

Make changes quickly in order to conform with evolving regulations and business processes.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Deal Room

  • Compliance: Manage tasks, processes, and deadlines with complex compliance requirements
  • Templates: Create product templates to centralize management of workflows, document requirements, scoring, and pricing by product
  • Flexibility: Configure your workflows, approvals, and decisioning for optimal business processes and evolving market requirements
  • Borrowers: Portal to extend document management functionality to borrowers, simplifying document collection and improving the borrower experience

Process Enforcement

  • Workflows: Manage the workflow between departments and manager approvals
  • Product Templates: Document requirements are centrally managed and configured by types of loans being originated, types of borrowing entities, and collateral associated with the loan
  • Enforcement: Enforce required tasks and processes based on different types of loans, borrowing structures, and collateral structures
  • Compliance:  Document compliance is fully integrated into the loan origination process as a prerequisite to loan approval

Easy to Configure

  • Tasks: Define automated and manual tasks by a department, including credit checks, document generation, and e-signatures
  • Scorecards: Create loan scorecards, pull data from multiple sources, and build product-specific scoring models
  • Pricing: Create custom pricing rules based on scorecards and additional determining factors
  • Payment Structures: Support for EMIs, variable, seasonal, balloon, and interest-only
  • Underwriting: Easily add existing or third-party underwriting engines for maximum flexibility


Online Lending

Create best-in-class online lending products that get results in just a few clicks

Auto Decisioning

Create online automated decisioning products; automate the decision-making process from application to funding, credit pull, credit decisioning, collateral evaluation, and pricing. Integrate with a wide number third-party data sources across the globe; and manage exceptions by automating workflows and approvals


A configurable template approach for defining workflows, tasks, documents, decisioning requirements, approvals, and pricing

Deal Room

A collaborative space to define, gather, and review required loan documents


Create multi-tiered and customized scorecards by lending product

Loan Committee

View, discuss, and vote on loan opportunities online; improve meeting efficiency by automatically capturing meeting minutes and enforce loan presentation time limits

Financial Statement Analysis

Configure financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, as well as configure calculations and financial ratios to support financial analysis; input, generate, and analyze financial statements spanning multiple reporting periods

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