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CL Loan™

Service With Ease

CL Loan™ is a complete loan servicing application that automates loan billing, payments, collections, and accounting within one robust, flexible, and secure platform. With the power of the cloud, it efficiently manages portfolios and allows you to easily increase transaction volume. CL Loan is highly configurable to allow financial services companies to quickly bring new products to market or update existing offerings.

CL Loan provides complete control of your lending products. Create new loan products instantly for just about any loan type.

Manage the complexities encountered during the lifecycle of the loan. Manage contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize financial and operational performance while minimizing risk.

Automate the recurring tasks of your lending operations. Customer billing, payment collections, and the calculation of fees and other charges can be managed automatically.

Flexibly structure payments and interest calculations. Manage level, balloon, and interest-only payment types. Interest calculation methods include flat, declining balance, floating, and step.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Highly Configurable

  • Consumer Loans: Support for online, line of credit, secured, and unsecured consumer loans
  • Commercial Loans: Small Business Loans, Commercial Real Estate, SBA, Commercial & Industrial Loans
  • Loan Types: Term loans, lines of credit, fixed interest, floating, step
  • Payment Structures: Support for EMIs, variable, seasonal, balloon, and interest-only
  • Investors: Manage single or multiple investor portfolios, calculate interest and payouts, and manage funds movement
  • Brokers: Manage the calculation and payment of broker commissions


  • Modify Loans: Reschedule, extend, or change terms
  • Loan Refinance: Refinance single or multiple loans
  • Restructure: Adjust principal, interest, and fees
  • Adjust: Reversal of transactions, post-dated transactions, waiving charges and fees
  • Loan Buyback: Automate the buyback of loans from partner financial institutions


  • Disbursement: Manage multiple disbursement methods including one-time funding, funding in tranches, disbursement schedules, and multiple draw-downs
  • Billing & Payments: Manage customer bill generation and payments including manual payments or automated payments via ACH
  • Fees: Automatically calculate and bill fees
  • Metro2: Support for credit bureau reporting in Metro2 format
  • Fractionalization: Manage calculations, accounting transactions, payments, and funds movement
  • Accounting: Real-time online updates of transactions to the sub-ledger


Fast Configurations

Wizard-based approach for general setup and loan product configuration

Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage the contract lifecycle from creation to modification and termination

Contract Modification

Modify contracts including interest rate, calculations, payments, due days, terms, principal adjustment, and more (modified contract automatically recalculates billing, fees, and interest)

Flexible Terms

A complete range of payment frequencies, interest calculations, and payment spreads

Collections Management

Manage payment tolerances, delinquency grace days, and delinquency payment plans

Interest Calculation

Flexible interest structures such as flat rate, declining balance, flexible repayment, and floating rate index or margin rates

Payment Spreads

Spread payments automatically or manually across principal, interest, and fees

Cash Management

Automate disbursement, customer bill generation, and payments including manual payments or automated payments via ACH

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