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The Cloud Lending Solutions Platform

The industry’s leading loan and lease platform for financial institutions looking to create the ultimate borrower experience

The Lending Landscape Is Transforming

The convergence of mobile, social, and cloud technologies requires that lenders provide a superior borrowing experience across all channels to compete. Changing demographics mean that borrower potential is no longer measured just by a FICO score. To complete and thrive in this new, highly competitive online market a financial institution needs to embrace new approaches for both online lending and regulatory compliance, all while lowering risk and costs.You’re looking for a solution to your business challenges and a partner you can trust. We’re Cloud Lending Solutions and we’re glad you found us.

CL Portal™: A borrower portal designed for lenders to customize and transform the borrower user interface, streamline borrower and lender activities, and provide an omnichannel experience.

CL Originate™: A cost-effective and agile underwriting platform for high-growth financial services institutions that manages loans, lines of credit, and other financial arrangements and that converts applications into contracts for servicing.

CL Loan™:  An end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit, and other financing arrangements under one robust and secure platform, so you can manage portfolios, drive transaction volume, and reduce time-to-market for new product development.

CL Lease™: An application that enables lessors to efficiently manage equipment leasing throughout the lifecycle of the equipment and seamlessly manage assets, contracts, and customers—and it integrates with your existing origination platform or with CL Originate.

CL Marketplace™: Used for Hybrid Lending or Peer-to-Peer Lending, this solution manages entire loan cycles from origination, loan grading, and marketplace funding to fraction investing and payments—allowing you to automate investments across multiple buyers on loan grade exposure limits.

CL Collections: An advanced collections solution that enables lenders to define and automate their collection processes; streamline customer interaction across channels; and reduce technical, operational, and servicing costs.

Our Commitment to You

Agile Workflows

Quickly get to market with new products or updates to existing lines of business

Lower Operating Costs

Lower operating costs through streamlined operations across all customer and lender interactions

Ultimate Borrower Experience

Deliver a great omnichannel customer experience for borrowers and lenders with transparency and speed

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate operational, business, and regulatory risks with a responsive and configurable approach

Power of Salesforce

Secure, scalable cloud platform that enables you to quickly get to market and supports long-term growth

Single System of Record

Consistent, accurate, and up-to-date customer data from a single authoritative source

True Front-to-End Platform

Origination, Underwriting, Servicing, Collections, and Borrowers Portal for lending and leasing

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