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Solution Components

Lease originators can now cost-effectively manage credit underwriting rules by funder or channel—ideal for originators wanting to expand into new financing models or new leasing products. Leasing for Originators can accommodate multiple credit underwriting processes managed by channel, funder, and leasing product.

Self-financed lessors who originate, fund, and service their own leases can use our cloud-based solution to manage the entire lifecycle—from application through origination, underwriting, servicing, asset recovery, and collections allowing for structured leases, fees, and charges. Manage insurance, account for revenue, contract maturity/evergreen, and track assets and disposition. New products can be quickly added with different financing products including finance lease, operating lease, single pay lease, zero percent lease, rental, rental with equity, and EFA.

For lessors who sell off rent and residual, but maintain customer relationships and lease servicing functions, the Cloud Lending Equipment Lease Solution can handle the complex accounting, billing, and servicing associated with externally funded leases, enabling lessors to track investor positions and account, bill, and service correctly. Advanced reporting improves a funder’s visibility into the debt position of each lease. This is an easy-to-configure solution for accommodating many different terms, servicing options, and accounting rules for each funder or product type.

For captives who originate and service their own leases, CL Lease™ generates contracts on asset delivery, installation, or acceptance. Manage contracts through the lifecycle including location changes, restructures, early termination, and buyouts—with updates propagated throughout the entire contract period. Billing at the asset-schedule level allows lessors to custom-configure invoices for each customer, and to establish multiple financing options such as finance lease, operating lease, single pay lease, zero percent lease, rental, rental with equity, and EFA.


Market and Sell

Prospect, generate leads and referrals, and manage your pipeline through automated marketing campaigns and mobile productivity tools.

Agile Workflows and Configurations

A configurable approach enables you to create new products, update underwriting rules, respond to regulations, and manage document requirements and credit rules by product or funder. Quickly respond to change. Add, update, and customize lease products on the fly with custom terms and flexible ways to manage assets.

Exceptional Lessor Experience

Provide an outstanding customer experience by quickly solving problems and delivering high-touch support. With real-time data at your fingertips, you have the power to make changes and downstream operations are updated automatically.

Automated Workflows

Generate proposals and lease documents and track signatures with automated workflow tools, reduce underwriting times, and lower costs. Improve margins by lowering technical, operating, and servicing costs.

Report Finances

Manage lease-specific GL reporting. For accounting, this includes receivables, income, depreciation, and accruals. For equipment, this includes purchase, returns, retirement, and sales. Manage and account for billings, charges, and payments.

Delinquency Management

Proactively work with delinquent accounts to minimize collection risk. Lessors can define automated collection strategy tasks for the entire portfolio or segmented by lease type. Collection tasks include automated emails, letters, and messages. Custom collection queues can also be created for delinquent contracts. These queues can be defined by any contract attribute like days delinquent, lease type, and lease value, and are used by collection agents to manage customer interaction and process immediate payments or record promise to pay.

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