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CL Lease™

Implement. Extend. Automate Leasing.

CL Lease™ automates operations, manages and tracks multiple assets in a single lease, and manages repossessions and returns. It integrates the work of collection agents, repossession agents, equipment resellers, and dealers. CL Lease can automatically apply fees, calculate taxes, and collect payments through ACH and credit cards. CL Lease can either be integrated with your existing origination platform or with our in-house origination and underwriting platform, CL Originate™. CL Lease can be integrated with CL Collections™, our advanced collections solution that enables lenders to define and automate their collection process.

Effective Origination: Setup online leasing portals and automate the origination — collect decisioning data from multiple sources and automatically generate contacts for e-signature

Automated operations including ACH transaction, billing generation, payment collection, and restructuring as well as exception management

Track assets throughout the contract lifecycle—including returns, repossessions, and delinquencies—and manage assets after contract maturity with inspections, sale, and release

Delinquency management to define collection strategy tasks and manage calling, payments, and promises to pay with an agent dashboard

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Asset Management

  • Contract Maturity: Manage equipment after a contract reaches maturity with attention to inspections, refurbishments, scrap, sale, and lease
  • Lifecycle Tracking: Track equipment including insurance coverage, buyouts, returns, repossessions, and delinquencies
  • Collaborative: Integrates the work of collection agents, repossession agents, equipment resellers, and dealers

Automate Operations

  • Accounting:  Transfer of accounting for transactions including income recognition to the general ledger
  • Automation:  Set up automatic payment alerts and notifications
  • Billing: Automatically generate billing statements, ACH payments, and application of fees like late charges or NSF

Effective Origination

  • Decision Data: Collect decisioning data from multiple sources including identity, credit, banking, and valuation services like Blackbook
  • Score and Price: Automatically score and price with contacts generated for e-signature
  • Multiple Assets:  Manage multiple equipment on a single lease contract


Contract Restructure

Easily add and remove assets from the contract

Customized Reporting

Detailed view of all outstanding leases through delinquency and asset management dashboard

Finance Multiple Equipment

Finance multiple assets in a single lease

Portfolio Management

Manage early contract termination, contract modification, and contract restructure


Manage accruals: income accrual, depreciation accurued, rental accrual, or Initial Direct Cost (IDC) accrual


Integrate the work of collection agents, repossession agents, equipment resellers, and dealers

Report Finances

Account for billings, charges, and payments and manage lease-specific GL reporting. For accounting this includes receivables, income, depreciation, and accruals and for equipment this includes purchase, returns, retirement, and sales

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